You don't have to wait for new features.
The regular update of Mailocator is on a weekly basis.

February 2021

New help system and tooltips in all applications.
New Forms campaign - the ability to create forms and pass data to email tools

We've improved the scenario management interface.
Support for developing custom code for Wheel of Fortune.
We have added the possibility of additional changes to the color scheme for pre-prepared designs.

January 2021

We added 30 new ready-made designs for popups and 20 for infoboxes.
See also the new Dashboard for individual projects.

We have translated new designs into dozens of languages.
We've moved global filters straight to Scenarios.
We've improved and accelerated the generation of thumbnails.

December 2020

Mailocator has a new Wheel of Fortune with an optional number of wins and connected to standard discount codes.
Meet the Infobox to view news and reports.

Current news includes Conversion Tagging.
We've added context-sensitive help to the entire application.
We've made it easier to clone and delete scenarios.
You can now duplicate the default Welcome, Time, Scroll, and Exit intent scenarios.

November 2020

Mailocator now has a Lab for Testing and Debugging Scenarios. You can read about what it is used for and how to properly test a scenario in the article Laboratory for Scenarios.

Connector settings to third-party applications can now be safely exported and easily transferred between projects.
We finish the direct integration of selected ESPs without the need to copy the API key, just one click.
We've added the ability to turn Mailocator on or off using a parameter in the URL.
We've added new conditions for running one-page campaigns.
You can now send a request for technical support from anywhere in the application, we are able to handle requests sent in this form much faster thanks to the connection to the knowledge base.

October 2020

Now you can invoke campaigns using a parameter in the URL, so you can create a nice landing page or welcome back popups and keep users right on the page they've logged in to.
We've improved the automatic checking for typos in email addresses.

We've streamlined the Dashboard to better see the performance of your projects.
We have expanded the management of discount codes with the possibility of winning the prize.
In the statistics, you can download detailed data for individual campaigns and pair with other data, for example in Google Data Studio.

September 2020

Smart campaign content management.
Improved cloning and deleting with content archiving.
New gambling campaign Pexeso.

We have improved the discount code manager, which can now read and deliver codes in real time directly from the eshop API.

August 2020

New gamification campaign Scratchcard

We've accelerated the generation of live previews and made them available directly from the Scenario in one click.
We have updated and improved the integration of SmartEmailing and added a connector for Mail Komplet.
Agency clients have an API available for accessing billing data.

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